Since starting in 2009, we've created well over 1000 custom personalized baseball and football bobbleheads!

Are you looking for an incredibly unique baseball or football gift, cake toppers, or maybe something for your own baseball or football display, collection, office or man cave? Bobbleheads are the most classic representation of baseball and football, and we can make a classic custom personalized baseball or football bobblehead to your exact specifications.


+ Kiln Fired Ceramic Bisque
+ Individually Crafted
+ Customized and Personalized
+ Usually Completed in Only 3 to 7 Days
+ Shipped USPS Priority Mail with Tracking
+ Made in the USA
+ Well Over 1000 Done Since 2009
+ They're Fun for You to Create ... And Everybody Loves Them!



1. Team (MLB, Minor League, College, High School, Little League or Tee Ball.

2. Uniform Style (Current or Throwback)

3. Uniform Number

4. Name on Back

5. Head Style (Straight Hair or Curly Hair)

6. Skin Color

7. Hair Color

8. Eye Color

9. Facial Hair

10. Shoe Color

11. Base Inscription



1. Team (NFL, AFL, USFL, WFL, College, High School or Youth League.

2. Uniform Style (Current or Throwback)

3. Uniform Number

4. Names on Front and Back

5. Head Style (With Front Hair Wisp or Without Front Hair Wisp)

6. Skin Color

7. Hair Color

8. Eye Color

9. Facial Hair

10. Shoe Color

11. Base Inscription

Whether you're a Fan, Player, Parent, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Coach, Alumnus, Co-worker, Friend, or Collector, a great way to show support for your sports team is with a custom personalized bobblehead.

 Note that we DO NOT sculpt faces to resemble a person but everything else can be customized!  If you are looking for that type of bobblehead, you can find several different companies on the web that sculpt faces.  Just type "custom bobblehead" into Google and you will get a list of them.

Custom Personalized Sports Bobbleheads make perfect ...

Birthday Gifts

Kids Room Decor

Father's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

Wedding Decor

Wedding Cake Toppers

Bridal Shower Gifts

Man Cave Decor

Engagement Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Sports Bar Decor

Anniversary Gifts

Office Decor

Valentines Day Gifts

Team Memorabilia Displays

Anniversary Party Decor

... And our bobbleheads are 100% made in the USA!


We now conduct all of our business at Etsy (, the world's most popular e-commerce site for handcrafted items. Our shop at Etsy is called "BobbleheadCity" and you can see many examples of our custom bobbleheads and contact us there. At Etsy, you can also choose to order with either PayPal or a credit card.  Just click on the Etsy icon below ...

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